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Writers and Artists Unite

Adding Color to the Written Word

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Adding Color to the Written Word
About Fic Art United
Fandoms are everywhere, and with them comes fangirl and fanboys who have talent and drive to create beautiful pieces of work both of art and of fiction. What makes them stronger, is when the written word and the creative mind collaborate together with both fiction and art.

But not all of us is lucky enough to have a friend who is the complement to our own works.

keywielder and lotrspnfangirl have been friends and fangirls for too many years to count and have decided to put their talents together to create a place for all fandoms to come together to find their missing half.

We accept all fandoms, all types of fiction and art, and know that the collaboration of the two will create something beautiful.

The first and MOST important rule of this community is to be respectful of each and every fandom that is represented here!!

We accept every pairing, fandom, style because that’s what being an artist is about. You do not have to like everything you come across, but there will be no flaming tolerated.

When you join the community, please make sure you make a portfolio post (yes, authors too!) so we can get you registered in our Master List(s). If you create both fiction and art, feel free to make one portfolio.

If you are requesting a collaboration, please make sure you include all information. Here’s a template for a request post:

Please make sure you tag your posts so fandoms and requests are easier to find. When a new fandom is added, we will try to get appropriate tags made, but if there’s one you’re missing please let us know!

What happens when you complete a collaboration? Please! Post and let us see! You can also post and tag us on Archive of our Own by using FicArtUnited or [FAC] as a tag!

This Community may have multiple pairings and that include Slash/Het/Femslash pairings for both fics and art. Please make sure your posts are marked accordingly with the proper rating. Thumbnails may be shown in a post, but large works of art and fiction should be behind a LJ cut. If you do not know how to make a LJ cut, please look below for the HTML coding.

Feel free to pimp us out to gather more users and therefore, more creators!


| | Author Master List || Artist Master List || Portfolio Template |
| HTML Coding || Concerns/Questions/Suggestions || Collaboration of Works |

If you would like to be affiliated with our community, please message one of the Mods! We would love to have you!

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Fandom Links
Here’s a list of the fandoms we have artists/authors for, and we are always looking for more!!