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07 June 2015 @ 02:12 pm
Portfolio: Author  
Name: jackdavfan692
Fandom(s): Doctor Who, Torchwood (the first three seasons only), Primeval, True Blood, Being Human (the original UK version), BTVS and Angel (mainly the latter)

Length of pieces: 600-90,000(?) words
Things you love to write: In fandoms other than DW, crossovers and sort-of fix-it fics, or what I call "alternate canon" fics. My current obsession, if you will, in the DW fandom is Twelve/River (or maybe more accurately, Doctor/River) .

Things you will not write: Generally, anything that falls into the NC-17/PWP category, and just sexual kinks across the board. Also RPF. More specifically, in the DW fandom, Whouffle/Whoffaldi. In terms of the TW fandom, I 'll only write stories that occur in the period covered in the first three seasons.

Best way to contact: Probably e-mail, or via the PM system of LJ.
Anything you would like us to know?: Most of my stories tend be very slow-paced and character-focused (e.g. I write a lot of character-to-character interaction and dialogue), I also write very slowly (most of my fics are WIP's :P), so unless a story is a one-off, I'm likely not going to be good with deadlines :}. Fandom-specific things? I've only seen one serial starring each Classic Who Doctor and the TV Movie, so I don't know much about that era of DW at present. In terms of the BTVS/Angel fandom, there's one large chunk of the former (the last couple of seasons or so) I have yet to watch, so I just know the basic details about that part of the show.

Fandom(s): Doctor Who
Excerpt: "Anniversary: A Special Gift" (Twelve/River; Spoilers: "The Angels Take Manhattan" and "The Wedding Of River Song")
“So are we going somewhere to celebrate, or are we staying in?” River asked as she followed him to the console platform.

Looking back at her, the Doctor answered, “I thought we would go somewhere, but I want to give you something first. Hold on.”

River watched in intrigued silence as her husband turned away, lifted open one of the panels on the console, and took out two small, black velvet-covered boxes.

“What is it?” River asked, as the Doctor picked up one and set aside the other.

“This.” He answered as he opened it and showed her the object inside. River then came closer to get a better look.

The instant she saw it, her eyes opened wide in wonderment, and she asked in a low, awe-stricken voice, “Is that...?”

“A wedding band engraved with Gallifreyan writing?” the Doctor said with a tender, loving smile.

River simply nodded, still too stunned to speak.

“Yes, it is.”

“Yours, or mine?” River asked, finally able to speak again.

“Yours.” the Doctor answered, putting the box back down. “This one is mine.” he added, gently pushing the other box toward River.

“How did you come by them? And what does the writing on them say?” she asked, as she picked it up and opened it.

“The TARDIS made them. They aren’t normally in that form, but since Earth is your home, and mine, in a way, the TARDIS and I agreed a ring would work best. What’s engraved on them are the traditional vows we would have said if we had been married on Gallifrey.”

Fandom(s):Being Human/True Blood/Angel/Buffy
Excerpt: "Choosing Sides" (Crossover with a bit of tweaking of Angel canon, namely, Cordelia didn't actually die, so it was actually her Angel was talking to in "You're Welcome", rather than an astral projection of her; Spoilers: The first two seasons of Being Human, the first three seasons of True Blood up to the episode "I Smell A Rat", all five seasons of Angel up to the episode "Time Bomb", and all seasons of Buffy)
As Angel, followed by Spike, sets foot in Eric’s office, his attention is caught by the young vampire seated at the corner of the Fangtasia owner’s desk. Immediately, Angel recognizes the individual as the second man Cordelia had described from her vision. Angel makes no move to introduce himself, however, his near-disastrous encounter with Pam and Eric having made him loathe to invite the possibility of another such occurrence.

Instead, he waits for Eric to introduce him. Moments later, the Viking vampire does just that, introducing Pam and Spike to Mitchell, as well. Once he has finished, Eric sits down and resumes his questioning of Angel.

“Now tell me, Angel, how did you learn of me and my business?”

Angel remains silent for a minute, thinking carefully over his words so he doesn’t arouse Eric’s suspicion even further. Finally, Angel answers, “I learned the information in an unusual way.”

“Unusual? In what way?” Eric inquires with a bit of interest.

“A friend and source of mine has the ability to see visions. Her most recent one included an image of you, this bar, Mr. Mitchell, and a third man. After the vision ended, she told me I had to come here as soon as I could.”

Eric looks searchingly at Angel before replying, trying to detect any sign of deceit in the other vampire’s demeanor. Seeing none, Eric, now more intrigued than suspicious, asks, “The third man you mentioned, what was shown in the image your friend saw of him?”
“It showed him pulling a reporter’s spine out in a newsroom. Why?”

“The man your friend saw in her vision is a very powerful, influential vampire named Russell Edgington. According to Mitchell, Edgington and another vampire in England named Herrick are plotting to conquer humans.”

“They are?” Angel, wide-eyed with shock, exclaims.

“Yes. It’s fortunate you were there when your friend had her vision. I imagine you wouldn’t have known about any of this otherwise.”

“No, I wouldn’t have.” Angel agrees. “So what exactly is the situation? How are they planning to do it?”

Eric looks over at Mitchell and asks, “Mitchell, would you be so kind as to tell Angel, Pam, and Spike what you shared with Bill and I earlier?”

With a slight nod, he answers, “Yeah.” Following that response, Mitchell once more shares what he had learned, Bill adding in at one point that a group of werewolves works for Russell Edgington.

When Mitchell is finished speaking, Eric resumes. Looking back at Angel, he says, “Now that you know what we are going to have to face, I have a request to ask of you and your colleague.”

“Go ahead.” Angel replies, nodding slightly.

“Because of the...work the two of you do, I believe your assistance would improve our ability to oppose Russell Edgington’s forces once he begins carrying out attacks. I am, in short, asking you and your colleague to become our allies and help us fight him. Will you assist us?”

Angel converses briefly with Spike, then looks at Eric and answers, “Yes, we will.”

“I’m very pleased to hear that, and grateful to have your help.”

“You’re welcome.” Angel replies with a slight nod.

Fandom(s): Primeval and Torchwood
Excerpt: "An Unexpected Alliance" (Crossover with a bit of tweaking of Primeval canon, namely, (1) Stephen didn't die in S2, but rather, escaped through an anomaly, and (2) Professor Cutter didn't die after being shot in the third episode of S3; Spoilers: The first three seasons of Primeval up to Ep. 3 of S3, and the first two seasons of Torchwood)

A couple of minutes later, they find themselves gathered behind Jack, facing the hatch, now open, that serves as the Hub’s door. “How cool is this?” Connor exclaims, looking up and around him, grinning.

Grinning back at him, Jack says, “It gets better.” Following that ambiguous comment, the Torchwood leader, with dramatic flair, strides through the entrance. Turning back around and facing them, he announces, “Connor, Abby, Professor Cutter: Welcome to the Hub.” After saying his piece, Jack moves aside with great deliberation, so they can get a good look at the inside. Almost instantly, the three ARC employees stop dead in their tracks, each one of them wearing a varied expression of awe on their faces.

“Awesome!” Connor finally exclaims, still grinning from ear to ear.

“No kidding!” Abby comments.

“Impressive.” Nick remarks, nodding.

“Thanks.” Jack says, smiling proudly.

After taking another moment to survey the area, Nick asks, “What exactly does your organization do that it’s based in a large, advanced facility like this?”

“From the information about your organization our compiler, researcher, and archivist pulled up for me, it sounds like we do the same thing you do, but with aliens and alien technology, rather than creatures from other times.”

Connor, who had still been engaged in looking around, suddenly asks breathlessly, “Wait, you do research on and work with aliens?”

“Among other things, yeah.” Jack answers, looking over at him.

Grinning widely again, Connor says, “That is so cool!”

“It can be.” Jack answers, smiling at him.

Looking at Jack in disbelief, Nick says, “Let me get this straight. Your organization investigates sightings of aliens?”

“And other paranormal things and occurrences, yeah.” Jack replies.

That’s what he meant.” Nick murmurs to himself.

Jack, close enough to just barely hear him, asks, “What who meant?”

“Oh, uh, our supervisor, James Lester. While I was discussing your request for assistance with him, he said he’d heard stories about this part of Wales, but they were so unbelievable, he dismissed all of them.” Nick answers.

Oh, got it.” Jack replies, the slight bit of nervousness in his voice fading. “Well, they’re a lot more than stories, believe me.”

“If you were anyone else, or were employed anywhere else, I’d suspect you were lying.” Nick continues. “But you’ve already told us so much about your organization, probably more than you normally would, or even should, that I’m inclined to believe you.”

“I’m glad to hear it.” Jack answers. “I figured since both of us are part of a sort of secret organization, you and your team are trustworthy.”

“ ‘Sort of’ being the operative phrase there.” Nick remarks with a slight chuckle. “And thank you.”

“Yes, exactly.” Jack agrees in the same manner. “You’re welcome.” He adds in response to Nick’s thanks.

Steering the conversation back to the original subject, Nick inquires, “So, being that your field of research is aliens and their technology, what’s your organization connected to? The military? The government?”

Shaking his head, Jack explains, “Neither.” After a moment’s pause, he says, “Not the government that runs things, anyway. Torchwood, that’s our organization’s name, was established in the nineteenth century by Queen Victoria, so it answers to and is supported by only the crown.”

“I see.” Nick replies, nodding.

Moving on from the current subject, Jack says, “Now that the three of you have gotten a pretty good look at the place, how would you like to meet the rest of the team?”

“Sounds good.” Nick tells him. “Connor? Abby?” he says, looking at each in turn.
Both nod in agreement.

“Okay, come on.” Jack says, turning away and starting off. The trio follows willingly, Nick in front.
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lotrspnfangirllotrspnfangirl on June 15th, 2015 01:28 am (UTC)
Welcome!! You've been added to the master list :D
jackdavfan692jackdavfan692 on June 15th, 2015 12:16 pm (UTC)
Cool, thanks 8)! I'm looking forward to participating in the community 8]!